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I vaguely recall the Taco Bell stand-alone building in the parking lost as someone else mentioned. March 29th, at 9:

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So glad you found us, thanks for reading:)! And, congrats on your frugal journey! I don’t know of a thrift store locator site, but that would be pretty awesome.
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Information & Events Boise Towne Square is in Idaho, city Boise. Mall is situated on adress North Milwaukee, Boise, ID Click on store from list below to view details.

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Evening came, and morning followed—the sixth day. It introduces the primordial story 2: The chapter highlights the goodness of creation and the divine desire that human beings share in that goodness. God brings an orderly universe out of primordial chaos merely by uttering a word. At the end of the new section was a Jo-Ann Fabric. The Papa Ginos was on the left of the entrance and a large Waldenbooks was on the right Waldenbooks was formerly in a smaller space in the mall — east of the Gap.

They actually pushed out the face of the mall into the parking lot and created new space to squish it in there. They changed that in the upgrade. I found it to be pointless. Although everyone agrees that the Walpole Mall was very uncool, I always appreciated it because I thought it had a lot of utility. I found the space to be pretty weird though because you had so much unused, open space at both end sof the mall.

I think expansion plans never had a chance because the surrounding part of the mall would be pretty scary at night because it feels enclosed by all those trees. It would be very easy for someone to break into cars back there. FeralToki October 14th, at 8: Does anyone know if it is still there?

Cici October 15th, at The Walpole mall expansion is moving along quickly…they just moved the Coney Street entrance to the mall further away from Rt. Kayla January 21st, at 8: I am living in walpole currently and have always lived in walpole. Jane February 22nd, at E and KB Toys. I cannot wait for L. Fitness to open up. Peter June 29th, at 3: Probably a good thing in terms of its survival.

Scott August 6th, at I think the arcade was one of the fe arcades in the state. Once the big box stores moved in, I think the Dream Machine relocated to a new store within the mall. Everyone is correct about Office Max at one point being a tiny Stop and Shop. I think a lot of malls have moved to the new outdoor format — it reminds me of some of newer DC area strip malls.

There was an old Child World outside the mall, which was odd because Toys R Us was just down the street. Dave October 22nd, at Good Vibrations was a great record chain in the area, with superb customer service, and this location was full of cool imports.

It was an average mall for an average population area. Rocky November 11th, at 8: It was a pretty hopping spot for the area back then. It was located where the Old Country Buffet is now. There are some pictures on it of that were taken inside and outside the mall. Ace Base December 1st, at I read several of the comments here, and I dont think anyone mentioned the old wing of thw mall that was removed back around or so it contained the original Papa-Ginos for the mall, old Dream Machine, Walden Books, Auntie Annies towards the end …..

I know by about it was a Stop and Shop…. Back in , there werent many supermarkets in the area, that was a maor one, at the mall…. I recall the entire mall was renovated around or 87….. BostonMoFo January 22nd, at 1: Someone mentioned the new streetlight on the Coney Street entrance. Logistically, that seems like a nightmare.

Riverledge March 27th, at Not as sure about the left side but I know there was a Motherhood Maternity my aunt worked there and the Orange Julius on that corner. The bank opened as a Hancock and later became Bank of New England. I keep thinking there was a travel agency somewhere down this way.

The Mall at Walpole was a pretty awful name. But nothing beats the pretention of the Natick Collection, however. A note the Walpole supermarkets. I worked at this mall during the summer of The Captain and Tenille and Elton John someone saved my life tonght were big hits at the time. Gaye May 8th, at Like Jay, I worked at this mall around the same time. Seems to be one on every corner now….. The Walpole Mall is in need of some good stores…….

A drug store like CVS used to be one but moved out or Walgreens is especially needed. An FYE also used to be one but moved out. It was so nice around here then. Kimmy J August 21st, at 9: I remember seeing pictures of all the snow piled up at the mall during the blizzard of I remember buying my prom dress there.

There was an art store next to Orange Julius. Sonja and her family ran it-they were from India. My husband bought my engagement ring and a ton of other jewelry there. Definately not a cool mall, but as kids we could walk there and there was not much else to do in Walpole. Kristen August 21st, at Kristen August 21st, at 9: Dawn September 26th, at 7: I believe the Taco Bell in the parking lot went in the in early 90s. This mall was never a real hotspot, even in the early 80s when my family went to a mall every weekend.

This was a tiny place, similar to the Taunton Mall in comparison with some of the other shopping plazas of the early 80s. A lot of people take clothes they have gotten as Christmas gifts there and they still have the tags on. So why am I stopping now? Truth is, I love […]. My wool shirts are all from thrift stores, where everyone should buy their wool shirts. Already softened somewhat by wear and washing, new […]. More importantly, it was an opportunity for me to explore contented living: Your email address will not be published.

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